The Ostrich Developer

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, with it’s shifting view of time, fits the life on GitHub like a glove.

Pair Programming
Gone Bad #2

Golang in pair programming gone bad!

Pair Programming
Gone Bad

I wrote a small Cartoon Maker in Go with the help of Freetype Go, the Vigilante Typeface, image/draw and some others. Nobody told me that you also need some artistic skills …

Poor Developer's Bufferapp

If you have several Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, you will eventually start looking for a semi-automated solution.

One way would be to go with a product like – like the title implies – but there are advantages to rolling your own solution.

Linus at DebConf14

I often write ironic stuff about Linus Torvalds. But I’ll admit it, he knows his stuff – and he gave a great QA talk at DebConf14.

Linus and his buggy Wi-Fi drivers

One trillion man hours have been wasted troubleshooting buggy Wi-Fi drivers in the Linux kernel. This is a problem Linus Torvalds must fix before that OS is going into most consumer PCs.

“The challenge on the desktop is not a kernel problem. It’s a whole infrastructure problem. I think we’ll get there one day,” said Torvalds at LinuxCon in 2014.

Well, one could argue that it is also a kernel problem.

Smelly Code

Phoebe in that TV-show called Friends could have written a song about smelly computer code.

At its best it can smell like flowers. But a bunch of code does not smell remotely like flowers. At all. Most of it stink.

Coders Fly Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

They are all there, at the GitHub Mental: The ungrateful maintainer and the crazy contributor – and many other variations of open source psyche.

It is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. And the Russian.

Built in Speed and Built for Speed by Hugo

This site is built by the snappy static site generator Hugo. There are many reasons to like this small binary, but the main attraction is pure speed.

I first spent an evening setting it up with Jekyll, Hugo’s turtle twin. When I finished that task, I had a site up and running, but I had lost the motivation for … writing!

“We’re Still in the Submarine below Stockholm,” Says Karamazov

“We’re still down here, tapping the secrets flowing through the sub sea fiber of Swedish intelligence. Submarines are very practical, but they can get a little bit claustrophobic,” says Ivan Fyodorovich Karamazov.

“At least in this one, a Dolgorukiy class sub. It’s powered by uranium-235, and it can throttle on for decades before any refueling.”

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