Hugo Still Rules

I manage this site with the help from Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. And since I wrote about it some months ago, there have been big improvements.

The list below was my “do not like” list back then:

I wrote the above on Hugo version 0.12. The current is written on Hugo 0.14-DEV, the compiled version from the latest source. And I marked by strike-through the items on my list that have been solved since then. The error messages are greatly improved, with filename in the error text – and even line numbers in some cases. As to template decorators, Hugo now supports Ace templates’ base and inner templates, which is golden. And a new Scratch thing is added to work around some of the scoping quirks. The “proper pagination support” is in place. Looking at the commit log on GitHub, it is a pretty active project, but still a few-men project.

So what is missing now? Not sure. A quality “related posts” feature would be cool. And in my case it would have to look at the prose written. I’m to lazy to properly tag my content.

The theme support has improved, but could be better. Hugo really needs a better way to show-off all the themes.

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