“Twitter Is a Textarea and a Button, Employees Twiddling Thumbs”

“It’s just that one button and that one textarea, hardly enough HTML elements to keep 3000 people busy,” says employee.

“We have renamed The Daily Scrum to The Fight for the Post-It!

He is quick to add that there are more stuff to do in such a large company, but he – he is a thumb-twiddler.

Hey, Cheeky Coder!

Sure, 3000 people – the number itself creates work. Those people have to be fed designer meals for lunch and get paid in time, so chefs and accountants it is. Sure, the 300 billion tweets create some demand for expert Dev Ops scaling the infrastructure.

And yes, I know, I’m simplifying stuff here; there are some list views and some social sharing integrations and stuff …

But with 3000 people there are lots of thumb-twiddling.

Daily Scrum is a constant fight for a new and interesting task, The Fight for the Post-It! But it’s mostly experimental stuff that will never see the day of light, like “test out rounder corners on the ‘Compose new Tweet…’ textarea”. So every degree of round is tested, but it will never get any rounder or squarer. It will stay as it is.

It’s not like that textarea will ever expand past its 140 characters!

So all of this is digging holes in the ground, then filling.

So here I am, bored at my desk, a desk several people have sat at before. Carved into the desk is the name @fat. A fat guy worked here.

I’m not fat. I’m probably the worst engineer at work, but third coolest.

Best regards,

Lonesome Dove

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