“ Is Jacob And He’s Not THAT Fat”

“@fat is Jacob Thornton – and he’s not THAT fat,” says Downtown Abbey in a letter.

In a letter yesterday there was a reference to an office desk carving with the nickname @fat, probably left there by a former employee. A fat guy.

G-day, mate!

First off – my name is really Downtown Abbey, like that TV-show.

Just thought I’d chip in and say that @fat is that former Twitter-employee who co-created Bootstrap.

Best regards,

D. Abbey

So Jacob Thornton (aka @fat) worked at Twitter. There he created Bootstrap with Mark Otto (aka @mdo) – and now all the web looks the same.

Thornton now works for Obvious, Otto for GitHub. Leaving Twitter was all peace and happiness, according to Mark Otto’s comment on Hacker News:

The timing has nothing to do with a disagreement about Bootstrap (seriously, none what so ever), and more to do with us both wanting a change in our own lives for what we do day-to-day. Twitter, the company and product, are both amazing and Jacob and I have worked there for 2.5 years.

Thornton is still hanging around Twitter with his three-letter nick and witty comments:

He sometimes writes on his blog byfat.xxx and he sometimes talks at conferences:

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