“The Russian Password Reset Service Is Great!”

“Who remember their first pet’s nick name? Google’s service for resetting passwords sucks big time,” says Lisa from Sweden.

Lisa writes in a letter that she couldn’t get into her GMail-account, and Google was of no help to her.

Tjenare, Mr. Cheeky!

Oh, I was getting desperate, that’s for sure. I had all my boyfriends’ contact information stored in there. How was I now going to get me something?

I tried the reset service provided by Google, but that is some useless piece of crap. It asked me questions like “name your first teacher” and “what is Justin Bieber’s favourite colour?” How on earth would I know any of that?

Bieber’s favourite colour is pink, of course. But that wasn’t Lisa’s solution to her problem.

She is blond, but not without resources. She says she got what she needed from her friend Vladimir, just moved in from St. Petersburg.

Vladimir likes me a lot, you know? But who wouldn’t. A fact, not a question.

Anyway, Vladimir just went onto a web page in his country, a forum of some kind, and there – my beloved password! Vladimir says it is important that I change my password to something other than “lisa1989”, but why would I do that now that I do not have to remember it anymore?

Vladimir is cute, but can be a little bit stupid sometimes.

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