He Collects Software Bugs

“At work they nicknamed me Bugzilla,” says Jira Dvorak in a letter.

“I collect software bugs, yes, but not just any old bug,” he says. “I collect the rare and very special bugs!”

Hey Cheeky Coder.

My all time favourite bug is HHH-16 – that is a fantastic bug. It had its 10 year aniversary this summer! Ten years as an open bug! And it’s about a SQL library that doesn’t properly support joins. Hehe. That’s some library! Joins sounds like a must-have-feature for everything SQL, right!? Hehe.

And then it’s the iOS8 – that was a great software release! An endless supply of new gems for us, and an endless loop of blue screen of death for the end user.

CheekyCoder.com is great! Great to finally have a site that takes these kinds of issues seriously.

We have the annual Bug-gy-Con in Las Vegas, of course. That’s a strange little get-together. Makes Comi-Con look ordinary. Five thousand geeks all talking in Jira-codes: “Have you seen SPR-1034? That’s a pretty good one. Better than HIB-3414, for sure!” You heard that joke about the QA Engineer?

“QA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknesv.”

That’s funny! QA Engineers are looked down upon in the Software-Bugs Collector-community. They are all about quantity! Collect as many bugs as possible! That’s not the beauty of it.

Best regards,

Jira Dvorak

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