The GitHub closed issue rebound effect

Close an issue on GitHub asking him or her to take the question to Stackoverflow, then wait for the inevitable.

Netflix’ Security Breach

Netflix has banned all VPN and opened up my computer to Ivan the Hacker in the hotel room next door.

Linus and Tanenbaum in Codereview

The Tanenbaum-Torvalds debate is a classic in computer science.

GitHub Maintainer Rule #2:
Do Not Commit and Run!

If you have this gigantic change-set ready to commit just as you board a plane heading for a remote tropical island with no Internet: Step away from that commit button!

GitHub Maintainer Rule #1:
Always Say You’re Sorry!

You will be flooded with hostile and arrogant bug reports and stupid feature requests. Count to 10. Then say you’re sorry!

TDD: Twitter Driven Development

“Should we make the software 10% faster or make it crash less?”

11 Years
Old Issue

This is the story about issue number 16. A simple request for a must-have-feature in one of the most used software frameworks in the world. Issue number 16 was opened 11 years ago and is still open.

Hugo Still Rules

I manage this site with the help from Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. And since I wrote about it some months ago, there have been big improvements.

“How a PHP Exploit Made Me the Prime Suspect,” Says George Clooney

“This is a story from 2004, the year of both ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ and Facebook. A remote exploit of PHP pointed at me as the prime suspect,” says George Clooney.

Hello World in

Just Two Minutes

I saw some software developers, normally charging 200 USD per hour work, bragging about how a new framework enable them to generate a fully working app in a couple of minutes.

The problem with this is, of course, that the paying customers now want more for less.

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